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Abdominal Arm Muscle Trainer Massage Stimulator

EMS technology: Directly sends signals to muscles through current stimulation to promote muscle movement. All you have to do is put these mats in your body and let them exercise your muscles.
Ergonomic design: An ergonomically designed muscle toner machine with the goal of abdominal muscle exercise. Helps regulate, tighten and strengthen your body muscles.
Powerful AB belt: There are 6 modes, 10 strengths are optional, which can help fat burning and muscle growth. Each EMS machine can be individually adjusted. The intensity from warm-up to high-intensity exercise is different, and finally it is relaxation.
Just press the button and you can start practicing. About 25 minutes / time, 1-2 times a day. It is equal to 2000 meters, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of dieting.
Easy to carry, compact and comfortable to massage.
Package Includes:
3 * Main Units
1 * Belly Sticker
2 * Arm Stickers
1 * USB Charging Cable
1* instruction manual